Use Free Online Advertising Creatively to Dramatically Increase Traffic to Your Blog

With effective free online advertising available on the web, it really is strange that so many bloggers still complain about lack of traffic. How do you expect to sit there doing nothing but complaining and grumbling and yet still expect to receive substantial online traffic? It just doesn’t work that way.

You really don’t have an excuse because the online advertising we are talking about here is FREE. So all you need to do is spend a little time posting free ads at the right places.

But for starters do make sure that regular visitors to the place where you are posting your free ad are your target audience or prospective clients for whatever it is that you are selling on your site. A new emerging trend where high traffic blogs allow free ads is interesting because you are guaranteed that the blog gets regular and frequent traffic since most of them tend to update content and create new posts almost daily. Secondly it will be very easy to verify the audience based on the content of the blog.

Start by summarizing the most interesting features on any particular post on your blog. Start with a very catchy headline because if that doesn’t attract interest nobody will read beyond that. Use a or shortened url address to direct folks to your blog post. This shortened url is not hyperlinked and people will have to cut and paste it on a new window to access your blog. The most effective free online advertising blog I know does NOT allow you to create a hyperlinks in your ad pointing to your site. Which is just as well because this has SEO implications and Google discourages paid links in a blog corrupting the count of real organic links generated naturally pointing to the blog. Although you will not have paid for your ad in the blog, it is an ad all the same and Google will quite rightly assume that it may have been paid for.

You can go a step further and search for all blogs that would find your blog content relevant and then post genuine comments and refer readers to your blog post using a or shortened version of your blog page address.

It is quite possible to built huge traffic to your blog using only this single free online advertising method.

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