Promoting Your Business With Creative Advertising

Of course everyone is familiar with some of the more popular forms of creative advertising to promote your product or business. This includes article marketing, back linking, bookmarking on social media sites, blog posting and commenting on other blogs as well as Search Engine Optimization.

These are all good ways to advertise or promote your company’s product or service, but did you know there are many other forms of advertising that work well also? Some of these methods are lesser-known methods and some work best for physical products. Learn about these different methods here.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the method of contacting your customers or potential customers directly. This may mean sending out mailing circulars, posting flyers, giving away catalogs or brochures, or contacting customers by phone through lead generation techniques.

Creative Advertising through Branded Merchandise

Many companies have followed in the footsteps of some of the larger businesses and offer merchandise with their logo or name on it. Caps, T-shirts and pens carrying the name or logo of a business are given away free or a part of a raffle or drawing. These items can be purchased from a company or you could create your own screen printed shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and etc. Café Press has an option for creating your own products. Creative advertising ideas can be found in many places.

Video Promotion

Many article distribution sites now offer the option of creating a video presentation instead of a text document. The first one to offer video promotion was YouTube and now there are many sites that allow the user to upload a video instead. Yahoo Voices, Howcast and Video Jug are three sites that allow video promotion. The process is similar to writing an article, you just come up with a topic related to your product or service and create a video tutorial that is relevant and helpful. Then just add your link in for viewers to visit your site if they are interested.

Blog Advertising

Blog advertising another method of free marketing. A website owner will create a free blog on Blogger or WordPress and post blog articles related to his business. The blog is then monetized with Google AdSense and banner ads or text links for ad revenue. The website owner then posts a link to the blog on his website. You can also exchange links with other blogs related to your niche. Blogs with a PR rank of 4 or above will direct some good traffic your way.

These are all effective methods of marketing and advertising to help drive new traffic to your website or business.

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